The collections in the Memorial Hall of Rudnik Jewish Community have been acquired and collected by the "Save from Oblivion" Foundation since 2019, including photographs from the "Mimoza" photographic studio run before the Second World War by Stanisława Skoczylasówna and obtained from the descendants of Rudnik Jewish families, as well as from the current residents of Rudnik nad Sanem. In addition to photographs, the Memorial Hall of Rudnik Jewish Community exhibits books, documents and objects of religious worship and everyday use from the Rudnik area. The Foundation also collects documents, books and objects from other towns in eastern and southern Poland. Worth noting, the collections of the Memorial Hall of Rudnik Jewish Community are among the richest in the region.

The identification of people from the photographs taken by Stanisława Skoczylasówna was carried out by Barbara Tutka and Joanna Chowaniec. Significant help in identification was provided by: the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, Perets Zucker, Leon Juli and other descendants of Jewish families. Work on collecting collections is still ongoing and the collection is systematically growing. The "Save from Oblivion" Foundation counts on help in identifying unrecognized people in the photos and asks the descendants of Rudnik Jews for the possibility of sharing family photos.

In the autumn of 2022, the collections were digitized with financial resources as part of the project: "Rudniczanie Wyznania Mojżeszowego – dawni mieszkańcy Rudnika nad Sanem" obtained in the competition of the Regional Institute Foundation for local initiatives for the creation of social archives. Barbara Tutka, Piotr Tutka, Joanna Chowaniec (volunteer) and Mariusz Małek (archiving of collections on the Foundation's website) took part in the project on behalf of the Foundation. The Partners of the Foundation in the project were: the Association of Graduates and Friends of the High School in Rudnik nad Sanem, the Scout Association "SKAUFORT", the Society of Lovers of the Rudnik Land named after priest Franciszek Nicałek, the Municipal Cultural Center in Rudnik nad Sanem and the John Paul II Public Primary School No. 1 in Rudnik nad Sanem. 

The Memorial Hall of Rudnik Jewish Community is maintained from the Foundation's own resources.